About the Book

The Way My Heart Beats

The Way My Heart Beats is a memoir through the eyes of a wife and a mother whose hushand and son both have congenital heart defects (CHD) despite the lack of a proven genetic link.

The memoir details the emotional rollercoaster journey that was the first year of their sons' life, following his father’s footsteps on his own CHD journey.

The book is an invaluable, albeit confronting read for all parents with children diagnosed with CHD and aims to provide them with hope, empathy and empowerment. It is the story that no medical professional can explain as it details a parents perspective of the ins and outs of the hospital setting with a child who has a life threatening illness.


About Congenital Heart Defect (CHD)

Congenital Heart Defect (also known as congenital heart anomaly or congenital heart disease) affects 1 in 100 children in Australia, and over half of those children require surgery to save their lives. It is the biggest killer of babies under the age of 1, and this book aims to increase awareness as CHD can affect everybody at some stage, be it your niece, grandson, uncle, or next door neighbour.


The Author


Lauren Casey is based in Bunbury in Western Australia, and has written this book. "The Way My Heart Beats" is available online (see the form below) or via Amazon or Collins Booksellers in Bunbury.


I have had the priviledge to read "The Way My Heart Beats" last week - this is a raw insight into the lives of a very young family - enduring unimaginable heartache within the first year of their son's life, following his fathers footsteps whom both have (CHD) Congential Heart Defects.

I am Lauren's Aunty and even though I knew about their journey from the updated phone calls/messages - nothing prepared me for the emotional read within the memoirs of this book. It is a raw and thoroughly in-depth read.

I actually felt like I was there with Lauren, reliving every living breathing moment and tears of her memoir. Her ability to put into words every little emotion she endured will no doubt tough everyone who reads this book.

Love and Light to all xxx, Suzanne.

I just wanted to let you know that I finished reading your book and enjoyed it very much, even though my eyes blurred and my tears fell! I think every heart kid and heart mum have warrior instincts, and I am glad that you gained confidence in both questioning staff and your own personal behaviours. Thank you for allowing me to join your journey.

Joneen, Heart Mother and Grandmother.